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Hi, I'm Katie

I am a contemporary romance author who lives in Tennessee. When I'm not writing, I love checking off books from my mile long TBR list, gaming, and spending time with my husband. Bella Rosa will be releasing March 1, 2023. Sign up for my Newsletter below for book updates!


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Bella Rosa

The Eden Valley Series | Book One

I have three weeks in Italy to write an article that will hopefully earn me my dream job at Foodie magazine in New York City. Getting this job is what my father and I used to fantasize about during our dinner dates all those years ago. There’s only one problem though… Matteo is everything I never knew I wanted. His piercing eyes see through every wall I’ve ever built. I know I’m in trouble when I start to see a side of Matteo I’m pretty sure is reserved only for me. My resolve withers away as his tough exterior crumbles. How will I ever walk away?

I have one goal. Convince my dad to open a second restaurant. It’s time I put my own spin on the family business. We need to modernize and expand if we want to survive in the Eden Valley. We deserve to find happiness after all the hell my mom put us through when I was younger. When Rosalie gives me the opportunity of a lifetime by featuring our restaurant to readers around the world, I can’t refuse. I know I shouldn’t get involved with her, but her touch breaks through the armor I’ve spent my entire life building. Rosalie is a distraction I can’t afford, but one I may have a hard time letting go.

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Matteo Moretti

"She's an enchantress and I'm her willing victim."

Rosalie Auclair

"I'm pretty sure he took all the breath from my lungs with him. I wish he would give it back."

Matteo Moretti

"We're stuck in each other's gravity, and I can't bring myself to give a damn."

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